Decisions Decisions!

"Happy Monday. Make this week different from the last." -Jx
Every day we make decisions of what to do, and those little decisions will add up one day and make something big. Life goals can be achieved through those little decisions, and I am where I am now because of it. But now that I am here, there are tons of decisions ahead of me. Every single day, decisions to make and decisions made. But now, living on my own in a new place and time, I have even more. Sometimes, there's that feeling of  just wanting a small break. Then there's the decision to do absolutely nothing, but nothing is quite boring as doing nothing. There is always something to do, even when it seems like there is nothing to do.
"What should we do?" You friends or you may ask. And the decision is always a hard one to decide. But make one and start moving, just standing around and thinking about it won't do anything. Is it a good or bad decision? You won't know unless you try, so don't waste time and get a move on. Decisions and acting to those decisions are what makes the world go around, like what type of classes am I going to sign up for, what types of clubs should I join?!
Tomorrow is the start of my new school semester in Japan; I'm thrilled and just a bit restless. It is now Monday, the 26th, for me. And I am making the decision to head to bed now. Please go visit Jx and read her article, it inspired mine. ;]


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